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Chimney Rock extends 315 feet into the North Carolina Mountains, allowing visitors a clear view of up to 75 miles. From the summit, ironically called Exclamation Point, one can also see the beautiful Lake Lure and Hickory Nut Gorge. Chimney Rock was once part of Dr. Lucius B. Morse's estate. Today, it is part of the Chimney Rock State Park, and is a prominent tourist attraction for the surrounding community. To reach the summit of Chimney Rock, one can hike the 400+ stairs, or take the elevator.

  • Chimney Rock is a beautiful park with many trials, such as the popular Hickory Nuts Falls Trail leading to a 400-foot waterfall--the second largest of its kind in the US. Chimney Rock State Park also offers rock climbing.

Dr. Lucius Morse was a physician who was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and because of his condition, moved to the warmer climate of North Carolina. After seeing Chimney Rock, he purchased 64 acres of the mountain including the rock itself and land around it. After many years of small purchases, Morse had bought more than 1000 acres of land. Tourists would arrive on horseback and by carriage to visit the rocky site.  The Morse family made the area a great tourist attraction, creating nice trails for tourists to walk on and even an elevator to ride to the top of Chimney Rock. In 2006, the Morse family made the decision to put Chimney Rock Park for up for sale. In 2007, the state of North Carolina bought the land for 24 million dollars and it became a new and young state park in the U.S.

The videos below provide an insightful view of Chimney Rock, and also provide more information about the history of the land and the park.