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Springdale Cemetery, founded in 1855, was part of the Rural Cemetery Movement that took cemeteries out of the control of the church and created non-denominational, architecturally designed burial places that were also attractive parks with ponds, forests, roads and paths that followed the natural contours of the land and nurtured native and exotic trees and plants. Before the widespread development of public parks, these cemeteries provided a place for all the people to enjoy refined outdoor recreation amidst art and sculpture previously available only for the wealthy.

Springdale, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was designed to be both a cemetery and park for Peoria and is a place for both remembrance and enjoyment. Today, as always, people come here to honor those who have gone before and to celebrate life by jogging, hiking or riding their bicycles. Visitors have the benefit of the many miles of beautiful roads and trails that wind through the hills and valleys of this vast nature preserve. They enjoy the bluffs with scenic vistas, forested pathways, flowing streams, flower-covered meadows, savanna and majestic river views. Our business and arrangements office is on the right as visitors enter the cemetery from Prospect Road.