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The Village of Essex holds the unique distinction of having built more two-masted wooden fishing vessels in the world (estimated between 4,000-5,000). The Essex Shipbuilding Museum celebrates this achievement and the shipbuilding industry that thrived here for three hundred years. It holds 8,000 maritime-related objects, including tools and ship plans, and thousands of photographs. It has two vessels of its own: the schooner Evelina M. Goulart and the Lewis H. Story. The Evelina was built in 1927 and the Lewis in 1998. The museum is also dedicated to preserving local history in general. To this end, it holds numerous materials such as wills, deeds, school records, and many other items. The collections and exhibits are located in a historic schoolhouse. The museum site also includes a burial ground and a waterfront where shipbuilding took place.

  • Essex Shipbuilding Museum
  • The Evelina M. Goulart