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Built in 1880, the Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse is unique in that is the last remaining skeletal lighthouses made of cast iron in the state and is one of two skeletal lighthouses in the state. Still an active light, it belongs to one of the most extensive navigation systems in the world, guiding ships on the Delaware River to Philadelphia and beyond. It stands 85 feet high with 112 steps. The light—today a fixed red color—extends just under 10 miles. Tours are given by the Friends of the Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse from April to October on Sundays. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

  • The Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse
  • View inside the light at the base
  • The front range lights
  • Tinicum and one of the front lights as seen from the river
There were other structures at the site including the keeper's dwelling, barn and brick oil house. After the light was automated in 1933, they deteriorated and were finally demolished in the 1950s. The light operates in conjunction with two front lights that are located directly on the shore. Karmen Bisher, Jennifer Perunko and Daniel Koski-Karell. "Tinicum Island Rear Range Light," National Register of Historic Places. 9-15-05.