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Located on the Kennesaw State University Campus, the Zuckerman Museum of Art was founded in 1984. It houses 6,000 paintings, sculptures, works on paper, as well as 5,000 prints from the Southern Graphics Council International, one of the most important print organizations in the country. The museum focuses on American art from the 18th to 20th centuries. Collection highlights include works by Chagall, Renoir and Rockwell, and 125 works by Ruth Zuckerman (bronze and stone sculptures; photographs, paintings, plaster maquettes, her personal archives are housed in the museum as well). African sculptures and contemporary art are also featured at the museum.

  • The Zuckerman Museum of Art was established in 1984 and moved into this building in 2014.
  • Interior view of the Ruth Zuckerman Pavilion, which displays some of her works

Although university professor Roberta Griffin founded the museum in 1984, the university had been collecting art beginning in 1972. In 2012, the university acquired the Southern Graphics Council International collection For many years, the art collection was displayed in three separate galleries on campus. Recognizing that this situation was not suitable for the university's art program, Ruth's husband and philanthropist Bernard Zuckerman pledged to $2 million in 2011 for the construction of the current art museum building (Ruth passed away in 1996). This was completed in 2014 and was named after Zuckerman. In addition to its exhibits, the museum offers a number of events and programs throughout the year.  

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