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A native Savannah, Georgia, Mildred Nix Huie (1906-2000) was a prominent author, historian, and artist in Georgia during the 20th century. The museum, located in the historic Mediterranean House, which was built in 1929, displays her artwork and also features an archive that houses books and other materials documenting local history. Mildred was a member of one of the first Girl Scouts (then named Girl Guides) and later graduated with a degree in Classical Education from the Florida State College for Women (now Florida State University). She worked as manager of WALB Radio between 1941-1953. She founded the Easter Seals of Southern Georgia, an accomplishment that earned her the Woman of the Year award in 1950. Along with two others, she also helped found the Albany Junior College, which is now Darton College, in 1963. She moved from Albany to St. Simons Island in 1965 where she focused her attention on creating art. She was particularly interested in painting and creating models of plantations in the surrounding region.

  • The Mildred Nix Huie Museum
  • Mildred Nix Huie
  • One Mildred's paintings, titled: "St. Simons Island Landmark and Plantation Mural"
  • Mildred Nix Huie as a Girl Guide troop. Huie is standing third from left. They are carrying Johnny Mercer on the stretcher.
  • Huie seated with her daughter and artist Millie Wilcox on the grounds of the museum.

An American Impressionist artist, sculptor, historian and writer, Mildred Nix Huie, who was one of the first Girl Guide troops, now known as the Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Huie grew up with songwriter Johnny Mercer.

Before attending Florida State College for Women, Huie attended Shorter College, now known as Shorter University, in Rome, Georgia. She went on to work as manager of WALB Radio from 1941-1953. She also founded the Easter Seals of Southern Georgia, which earned her the Woman of the Year award in 1950. Then along with two others, she also helped found the Albany Junior College, now known as Darton College, in 1963.

After this in 1965, Huie and a group of artists started the Left Bank Art Gallery on St. Simons, creating a tradition of sharing the love of art and humanities in the Golden Isles community. She then made her house into an island studio where she displayed and created all of her artwork in 1967.

The house of the gallery sits in was built in 1929, where the original paintings of Huie still permanently hang. The house was built by Fred Stoberg, and the house also holds the only functioning basement on Saint Simons Island. The Mildred Nix Huie Museum was acquired by the St. Simon's Land Trust in 2018 when they received a $4 million grant from the Anschutz Foundation. Huie's daughter Millie Wilcox recalls her mother's love for creating art.

“She began drawing when I was 4 years old and later taught abstract art and design,” Wilcox reminisced. “There are very few of her abstract paintings around — maybe one or two — but I loved the fact that she freehanded them. It was magical to me. It showed that she had a wonderful sense of humor.” 1

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