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White Bluff is a one mile long historic site along the Tombigbee River in Demopolis, Alabama. It is a geological rock layer called Demopolis Chalk Formation, which gives its white appearance. This rock is very old (dating to the Late Cretaceous period); dinosaur fossils have been found in this layer. White Bluff is site where Bonapartists from France, exiled from France in 1815 (after the Battle of Waterloo, ending in defeat for Napolean Bonaparte), established their Vine and Olive Colony. Given this history, the site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. Since 1972, Demopolis has hosted an event called Christmas on the River, which is a week-long event that ends with a parade of boats decorated with Christmas lights and a fireworks show. The event draws about 40,000 people each year.

  • White Bluff, with the Demopolis Civic Center overlooking the river.

The French settlers soon learned that they were just outside the plot of land they were granted by Congress so they were forced to move one mile south. American settlers moved in and established the town of Demopolis.,_Alabama) W. Warner Floyd. "White Bluff," National Park Service - National Register of Historic Places. 8-25-70.