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Once part of a large estate, the Belair Mansion and Belair Stable are two historic buildings in Bowie, Maryland that are now (two separate) museums. Located just west of the stable, the mansion was built in around 1747 by Samuel Ogle, the first Provincial Governor of Maryland. The estate was 500 acres and was a working plantation using a slave labor force. Ogle returned from England after the house was completed and brought back to horses and one thoroughbred; he wanted to establish a stronger horse racing stock and was eventually successful. The mansion is maintained to reflect the lives of the families who lived there between 1747-1950. It was sold to the city in 1961. The Belair Stable was built in 1907 by James T. Woodward, owner of the mansion at the time. The stable produced some of the best horses of the time between 1920-1950. The only father son duo to win the Triple Crown were raised here. Other racing champions were bred here as well. The museum celebrates these achievements and the rest of the successful horse breeding history at Belair. The stable and the mansion are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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