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The Point Pleasant Flood Wall was built in 1951. It is apart of West Virginia's chain of "Flood Control." However, this particular wall features a beautiful mural by Robert Dafford on the south side of the wall at the Fourth Street entrance. The mural contains scenes from the Battle of Point Pleasant which occurred on October 10, 1774. The mural continues to change throughout the years, with artists telling the history of Point Pleasant.

  • The mural includes a
  • The Point Pleasant floodwall

The beauty of the Point Pleasant floodwall murals could arguably challenge the beauty of the Ohio River that rests across from the wall. It's adorned with the stories of Point Pleasant as a major battle between Native American and British-American soldiers took place on this land on October 10, 1774.

The murals were painted by artist, Robert Dafford. Dafford has been a world-renowned artist for the past thirty-five years. However, Dafford has taken special interest in painting historical murals alongside the Ohio River. He has painted murals in Paducah, Kentucky, Portsmouth, Ohio, Covington, Kentucky, etc. His mural for Point Pleasant has become a popular tourist sight in the city.

The mural is 150 feet long and around 15 feet high. The paint used was imported by the Keim Paint Company located in Germany. The paint features various minerals that should allow the paintings to last for at least 100 years. More artists will be able to continue the mural and continue the story of Point Pleasant.

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