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The National Mustard Museum (formerly the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum) is a museum dedicated entirely to mustard. It is located in Middleton, Wisconsin and was opened in April of 1992. In 2000, it moved across the street to a larger building and changed its name to The National Mustard Museum.

  • The front of the National Mustard Museum.
  • The logo of the National Mustard Museum.
  • The shelves of mustard inside the National Mustard Museum.
The National Mustard Museum is located in Middleton, Wisconsin. It was opened in 1992 by the former Assistant Attorney General, Barry Levenson, after his favorite team lost the 1986 World Series. He started a collection of mustard. The museum features many mustard related things, including mustard ads, mustard dishes and cans, and types of mustard from all over the United States. The collection of mustard which started at about a dozen or so jars, has grown to over 5,000 jars, tubes, and bottles of mustard in the museum.1 

The museum used to be called the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum; however, in November of 2009, the museum was moved to Middleton and renamed the National Mustard Museum. 

A gift shop occupies roughly half of the museum space. The gift shop includes free mustard tasting and the museum operates a mail-order mustard business. Admission is free. The museum has been featured on the Food Network and the National Public Radio's broadcast. 

The town of Middleton holds a festival each year on National Mustard Day, which is the first Saturday of every August.2

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