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Found within Topsfield's old cemetery is a marker erected to four of the five generations of LDS/Mormon Prophet-founder, Joseph Smith Jr.'s ancestors. This 1873 marker was dedicated by Joseph Smith Jr.'s cousin, George A. Smith, the grandfather of later LDS President-prophet, George Albert Smith. The fifth generaion of Topsfield, MA Smiths was Joseph Smith Jr.'s father, Joseph Sr. Born in Topsfield in 1771 and died in Nauvoo, Illinois in 1840.

  • Landscape view of one side of marker
  • Closeup view of another angle of marker
  • George A. Smith circa 1875
*From Mormon Historic Sites: 

"The Pine Grove Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Topsfield, Massachusetts still in use. George A. Smith, grandfather of President George Albert Smith, erected a marker to the Smith family ancestors in 1873. Listed on the monument is Samuel (I) and his wife Rebecca Smith and Samuel (II) and his wife Priscilla Smith. Samuel Smith (II) was Joseph Smith, Sr.’s grandfather.

Regarding visiting the gravesite of his ancestors, George A. Smith remarked that 'I have traveled to Egypt and the Holy Land, have seen the countries of Europe and met many of their most distinguished people, but I have encountered nothing that gives me more satisfaction than being here, in the graveyard of my ancestors-on the ground where they walked and lived and labored three hundred years ago.'

The marker stands as a memorial to the Smith family ancestor’s who exhibited love of God, their country, and their fellowmen."

One side of the marker records: 

-Samuel Smith. Son of Robert & Mary. Born in Topsfield, Mass. Jan. 26, 1666, Died July 12, 1748. Rebecca his wife. Daughter of John Cortice. Died Mar. 2, 1753. Et. 65 yrs.

The other side:

-Samuel Smith. Born Jan. 26, 1714. Died Nov. 14, 1785. Priscilla his wife. Daughter of Zaccheus Gould. Born Aug. 4, 1707. Died Sept. 25, 1785.

Contributor, Vol. 4, No. 1, (October 1882), 2-3.