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Oakland Chapel, Alcorn State University, Lorman (1838-1850) (National Historic Landmark). Begun in 1838 as the main building of Oakland College, the chapel is now the oldest building of Alcorn State University, the first land-grant college for African Americans in the nation.

As stated in the National Register nomination, “It is a temple-front building, three stories in height, dominated by a raised portico consisting of six columnns approximating the
Tuscan order, full entablature, and pediment. A cast iron stair, designed with heavy columnnar newels and risers pierced in a floral pattern, rises on the center axis to the main floor. The composition is topped by a cupola designed with fluted Doric columnns set between corner piers. A full entablature, with triglyphs, metopes, and mutules, extends uninterrupted around the cupola. The iron steps leading to the portico were formerly the front steps of “Windsor.” While the designer of the building is not known, “skilled black craftsman,” probably slaves, apparently built the chapel.