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The Old St. Albans Post Office was built in 1937, the addition to the rear of the building was added in 1955. This was the first building to be built specifically as a post office for St. Albans, WV 25177.

  • Old St. Albans Post Office

The original St. Albans Post Office was built in 1937 under a Class D listing of the Federal Government. This meant all construction receipts had to be less than $15,000. Construction was supervised by Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Secretary of Treasury. The structure is a one-story brick building with Colonial Revival influence. The 8ft x 9ft original vault is still on location; manufactured by Herring-Hall Marvin Safe Company. 

St. Albans' first post office was established in March of 1823 in Wilson's Tavern located at the mouth of the Coal River. Post Master Benjamin Cole rendered services. However, now there have been many new advancements made the old Post Office. Now there are many new cool features that are sometimes even hard to find in the best of post offices. The St. Albans post office now offers you the ability to fill out and apply for passports right there in the post office itself! Although they do not have the ability to take your picture for the passport, they do still offer the applications and can answer any questions you may have about applying for a passport.

St. Albans is still a thriving town that is close to the state capitol of Charleston. St. Albans post office works day and night trying to get the mail out as fast as possible for all of their people within the community. Now that the building is handicap accessible, people within the community are now able to enjoy going the post office without a single reason of doubt. Just remember if you ever need anything and you aren't able to make it in, they are just a phone call away and many of the postmasters would be more than happy to help!