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10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum
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Memorial Park provides a place for all to reflect on the sacrifices made by our Soldiers throughout history and signifies the commitment of the 10th Mountain Division community to never forget our fallen Warriors. The Park contains three distinct monument areas that capture the history of loss as well as the enduring spirit of the 10th Mountain Division Soldier.

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  • Nate was commissioned as a 2LT just prior to returning to the U.S. and separating from the active Army.  He remained in the reserves as was recalled for service during the Korean War, where he served as a Medial Officer in the 24th Infantry Division.  For his service in Korea he was awarded an additional Bronze Star and Combat Medical Badge.  As a civilian he settled in Rodman, NY, close to modern day Fort Drum.  From 1985 he served as both the official and unofficial WW2 ambassador to the reconstituted 10th Mountain Division.   He was known for his unannounced visits across the Division, equally dropping into to see the Commanding Generals or motor pools to check on his fellow Mountaineers and share the wisdom of the previous generation.  Most critically he was the lead force behind all the major works in Memorial Park.  Sadly he passed away before he could see the installation of the  Fallen Warrior Statues, his last great contribution to his Division.  Nate’s bench sits half way between his first major effort the Military Mountaineer monument and the Fallen Warrior Monument, acknowledging the wise veteran who help steward the history of the WW2 generation and build the espirt of the modern 10th Mountain Division.  A true Mountaineer!
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The Heroes Walk granite pedestals that surround the Military Mountaineers statue stand as sentinels, watchful guards for Soldiers both past and present. The Hope for the Future Monument offers an inspiring message of hope and freedom. These monuments connect all members of the Fort Drum and 10th Mountain Division community to the honor and sacrifices of our fallen heroes and the Families they have left behind.