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The DeMoulin Museum opened in March 2010 and features products made by the DeMoulin Company, one of the country's largest producers of marching band uniforms. Founded in 1892 by the three DeMoulin brothers (Erastus, U.S., and Ed), the company started out by making fraternal lodge initiation/prank devices and various paraphernalia. Over the years it has also produced graduation caps and gowns, choir robes, church and (fraternal) lodge furniture. The company is perhaps most famous for its initiation devices, particularly the "riding goat," which was contraption in the shape of a goat. A person sits on it and is pushed forward by another person. Other devices include the Invisible Paddle Machine and the Lifting and Spraying Machine.

  • The entrance to the DeMoulin Museum
  • The "riding the goat" device