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The McKim Observatory is an astronomical teaching and research facility owned and operated by DePauw University. Built in 1884, it still contains its original Clark 9.53 Refractor telescope and other instruments. Students use these instruments as well as new ones. The observatory offers open house events for the general public, dates for which can be found on its website.

  • The McKim Observatory
In 1881, DePauw University President, Washington C. DePauw, asked his friend and contractor Robert McKim to provide funds for a new observatory. Astronomy was McKim's hobby and he agreed. They traveled around to other observatories to gather ideas about the one they wanted to construct as well as which instruments to use. The observatory opened in 1884 on a hill not far from the campus. Due to poor maintenance in the 1950s, the facility was renovated in the 1970s and 1980s.
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