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Built in 1910, this building holds the last remaining Japanese bathhouse in the United States. Hundreds of communal bathhouses once served generations of Japanese immigrants in the years before World War II. The two pitted marble baths are still in the basement, along with neatly numbered wooden lockers and hand painted signs advertising historic local businesses.

  • Modern view of the historic Panama Hotel
  • The hotel in 1929
  • The bath house has been well-preserved and still looks much as it may have looked during the 1920s
The Historic Panama Hotel was built in 1910 by Sabro Ozasa, a Japanese architect and graduate of the University of Washington. It was built as a workingmans hotel and served as a home for generations of Japanese immigrants, Alaskan fisherman, and International travelers before closing its doors in 1950. The hotel has been reopened and offers overnight accommodations and a tea room.  
Phoung Le, Japanese past displayed in International District hotel