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If you travel to Monroe, Ohio you will be lucky enough to see an original pioneer log cabin located in the Monroe Community Park. In 1967, the cabin was gifted to the town. The cabin was found by workers who were demolishing a small house. A house has been built around the log cabin hiding it from view. The logs were hidden by wood siding and wallboard. The cabin was moved to the park. Every piece of this historical cabin was dismantled, given a number, and photographed from every angle and put into storage. In the spring of 1968 a foundation was poured. It was finished in 1969 with the help of many volunteers.

  • Pioneer Cabin-Monroe,Ohio
This is a picture of the restored interior of the Pioneer Log Cabin located in the Monroe Community Park.
  • Pioneer Cabin-Monroe, Ohio
This is a picture of items located inside the Pioneer Log Cabin located in the Monroe Community Park.
  • Interior-Monroe Pioneer Cabin
  • Monroe Community Park-Pioneer Log Cabin
  • Interior of the Pioneer Log Cabin-Monroe,Ohio
  • This is a picture of bedroom furnishings in the Pioneer Log Cabin located in Monroe Community Park.
  • Here are items used back in the days of the pioneer log cabin.

The Monroe, Ohio area was settled in the late 1700s. 

This cabin is one of many that were built back in the day.  The cabin is believed to be from 1781 and was part of the original Symmes Purchase. The Symmes Purchase was also known as the Miami Purchase. The Symmes Purchase was orchestrated by John Cleves Symmes. In 1788, Symmes registered the land with the United States government. He had initially tried to register one million acres of land but was only allowed to purchase 330,000 acres. The land patent was approved by George Washington. Symmes mishandled the way the land was to be managed and allocated. The rules were later changed to prevent more mismanagement of land. 

The Symmes Purchase  included lands that bordered the Ohio River and between the Little & Great Miami Rivers.  The area was settled long before Ohio became a state in 1803. 

One of the nearby settlements was called Bedle Station and was settled between 1795 and 1797. 640 acres of the Symmes Purchase were sold and our cabin along with many others like it, were built soon after.

The owners of record for the pioneer cabin were the Stewart family.  James B. Stewart was listed as owner of the land in 1836 for the county’s first map.

The log cabin was originally near Route 63 in Warren County, Ohio.  The area is currently home to the Monroe Premium Outlets.