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The African American Heritage Center began in 1992 with the mission to preserve the history of African Americans in Simpson County, Kentucky. The museum is located in the former home of George W. Mahin, a community leader, which was built in 1914. The museum focuses on research of burial customs, genealogical history, and employment in the area. the AAHC has permanent exhibits about the history of the area and also holds informational seminars.

  • African American Heritage Center
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The African American Heritage Center was organized in 1992, acquired its location in 1996, and officially opened its doors in 1998. The AAHC seeks to preserve the local history of African Americans. Their research focuses on the cultural customs that were brought to the area as well as the living conditions of African Americans through the ages. 

The Museum is located within the history home of George W. Mahin which was built in 1914. Mahin organized the New Horizon Missionary Baptist Church. The Museum is located within the Harristown Historic District. This district is included on the National Register of Historic Places for its deep, African American History.

Today the Museum offers both a place for education. There are permanent exhibits throughout the building on the history of African Americans in the area. They also offer frequent seminars and guest speakers who add to the conversation of preservation. 

Museum of local black history in a restored Victorian home: a cultural and educational facility designed to echo the events of the past, reflect on activities of the present, and preserve these events for future generations. Its activities and programs highlight the profound contributions and heritage of African Americans' rich history. Its purpose is to enhance, through appropriate programs, genealogical research, and workshops and activities, an understanding of the life of African Americans. 
Located in Franklin's Harristown Historic District (listed on the National Register of Historic Places.) A meeting place and educational center is located next door in the Brooks-Wright Center. There is plenty of parking room in front of the AAHC and beside Brooks-Wright Educational Center.