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The Rounds Cemetery is an early family burial ground, enclosed by a low stone wall and entered through a small iron gate. It was established in 1825 on land purchased by Jacob Rounds who is believed to be the first burial in 1833.

Rounds Cemetery

Rounds Cemetery
Now sandwiched between business establishments, the small Rounds family cemetery occupies the southwest corner of the original twenty-five acres of land purchased by Jacob Rounds in 1825.  The land extended from the Susquehanna River on the north to what is now Front Street on the south.  

Buried there are:  Alford, Amanda, Benjamin, Daniel, Jacob, Jothan, Mima, Parmella, Rachael, Theodore, Warren, Willie, and Zillah Rounds.  Other relatives include:  Celestia Coleman, Jacob DuBois, Minnie Fairbanks, Sally Ann Grey, Capt. William Jones, Andrew Leighton, W.H. Potts, and Hester Veley,  

Historic Designations:
2012 Local Historic Landmark
2012 State and National Register Eligible

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