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Located in Pioneer Park (formerly Alaskaland), Pioneer Air Museum showcases Alaska's aeronautical history from 1913 to today. Visitors will learn all about aviation in Alaska while viewing the impressive collection of aircrafts on display, including a Huey military helicopter. Museum admission is $4 per adult or $8 for up to four people, and children 12 and under are free. There is no admission to enter the park.

  • The Gold Dome housing the Pioneer Air Museum.
  • The Huey UH-1 military helicopter.
  • Inside the museum.
  • Map of the Pioneer Air Museum
  • Map of the museum, continued.
Pioneer Air Museum, founded in 1992 in what used to be called Alaskaland, is dedicated to collecting, protecting, and displaying a wide array of items from interior and arctic Alaskan history. Visitors will learn about the history of Alaskan aviation while viewing numerous airplanes, engines, parts, archival documents, photographs, model airplanes, and more. The museum even includes a resource library with books on aviation, famous pilots, and Alaskan aviation. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, children ages 6 to 12 can attend the museum's Space & Aviation History Camp. 

One of the 15 aircrafts on display is the impressive Huey, a large UH-1 military helicopter that visitors are allowed to board. It was developed in 1952 as a medical evacuation and utility helicopter and was put into service during the Vietnam War. Pioneer Air Museum's own Huey saw combat in South Vietnam and was taken down three times before being retired. 

The museum also has a small gift shop and Pioneer Park has even more to see beyond aviation history, including Gold Rush Town, the Crooked Creek & Whiskey Island Railroad, other historical museums and attractions, mini golf, playgrounds, shops, and places to eat. 
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