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The Museum of the White Mountains preserves and promotes the unique history, culture, and environmental legacy of the White Mountain region. Acting as a gateway to the unique geographical area, and promoting the historical legacy of the region, The Museum of the White Mountains contains both brick and mortar and virtual versions of every exhibition they present. Additionally, the Museum of the White Mountains offers unique immersion experiences, including geocaching and social media.

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The Museum of the White Mountains sits at the base of the entrance to the majestic White Mountain range. The museum prides itself on being a gateway to the scenic region, with aspirations to prepare and inspire visitors prior to experiencing the area. With this intention, the museum curators manage to maintain a rare balance in their approach. By combining modern technology with significant historical and environmental displays, activities, and events, they provide visitors with a unique and remarkable experience.

The museum presents historical artwork from the region, alongside other significant historical documents such as vintage maps and postcards, and preserved hotel ledgers. It also provides road and trail maps, guided hikes, and categorized collections of regionally significant artwork.

However, the museum offers not only historical insight and environmental information, but true immersion programs, allowing visitors to experience the region in a tangibly involved way.  The museum offers unique virtual experiences; all exhibitions displayed in their location are also available to view on their website.

Additionally, there is a geocaching program that allows visitors to visit the same spots illustrated in many of the site’s historical paintings and artwork. This process allows visitors to experience being in the same spot as a significant artist, but to also see the change in landscape over the years. The museum also hosts an Instagram account, allowing visitors to document photographs from their experience.