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Established in 1997, The Journey Museum and Learning Center is a natural and cultural museum in Rapid City, South Dakota. It contains collections from four of the state's museums: the Museum of Geology at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, the South Dakota Archaeological Research Center, the Sioux Indian Museum, and the Minnilusa Pioneer Museum. It is a good place for visitors to get acquainted with South Dakota's history, from billions of years ago to today. The Museum of Geology Collection at the center tells how South Dakota was formed over billions of years and contains fossils that can be touched by the public. The South Dakota Archaeological Research Center collection displays artifacts covering 10,000 years, from the peoples living in the Black Hills region after the ice age to the more recent mining period. The collection from the Minnilusa Pioneer Museum consists of illuminated story walls that cover the history of European settlement in the Black Hills region and the conflicts with Native Americans that resulted. The Sioux Indian Museum collection explores Sioux traditional and contemporary culture. The collection includes various Sioux artwork, clothing, and other materials.

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