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The Brattonsville Plantation is the site of the Battle of Williamson's Plantation. It has also been called "Huck's Defeat". The Historic sites consists of 29 structures located on 720 acres to tour. Guided tours are available with the tour guides in time appropriate costumes. A two day event is recreated every July to commemorate "Huck's Defeat". This Plantation site was also used in the film "The Patriot" starring Mel Gibson in 2002.

  • Bratton House
  • Historic Brantonsville
  • The Battle of Huck's Defeat

Brattonsville is the site of the known "Huck's Defeat".  The battle began early morning of July 12, 1780 near the home of Col. William Bratton. 

Martha, Bratton's wife, was approached by Captain Christian Huck on July 11, 1780 concerning her husband's whereabouts.  Martha informed Capt. Huck he was not home.  Capt. Huck surrounded the Williamson Plantation with troops to wait for Col. Bratton.  Martha was able to get word to her husband about the planned attack.

The Patriot forces of about 250 soldiers rode through the night to take Capt. Huck's forces by surprise.  A group of Patriot soldiers were placed to the north of the plantation which circled to the east of the plantation. The British was thrown by the surprise attack and had two unsuccessful counterattacks against the Patriot forces. 

Capt. Huck was killed during this battle trying to rally his forces. His troops surrendered seeing no chance to win this battle.  Col Bratton only lost one solider during the battle while Capt. Huck lost his own life with 25 to 50 other soldiers.  This battle is known to pave the British's surrender in Yorktown of 1781.;id=62;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erevolutionaryday%2Ecom