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The Alexandria Museum of Art is the cultural center of Louisiana. The museum is focused on bringing art education to the community. Its collection contains hundreds of works with southern influence.

  • Alexandria Museum of Art

The Alexandria Museum of Art was established in 1997 as an extension of the Central Louisiana Art Association. The museum was originally located in a complex among historic buildings. However, since its founding,there had been a plan to have the museum housed in its own building, and thus, the Museum Trustees established the "Jewel in the Red" campaign. The objective of the campaign was to raise a total of $8,000,000 for construction, renovation, and operating endowment. Once its goal was achieved in 1998, the museum made additions and renovations, including the grand foyer. Only two years after its initial opening, the Alexandria Museum of Art was honored as an Outstanding Arts Organization. 

Since its opening, the museum's mission has been "to preserve, exhibit, and promote visual art throughout Central Louisiana in a manner that contributes to the quality of life."1 The museum accomplishes this through its community programs and classes that showcase the art and its cultural importance. The Alexandria Museum of Art seeks to educate its visitors, and offer them a cultural experience that will connect them to and appreciate art. 

The museum's collection numbers over eight hundred pieces of original works. These pieces were made made by twentieth and twenty-first century century artists who have been influenced by southern culture. The Alexandria Museum of Art was established as an educational and cultural tool to serve the community, and it continues to function as such today.  

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