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Seneca State Forest is located in Pocahontas County, WV. The forest is not only known for beautiful scenery but is the oldest state forest in West Virginia. Accompanied with the magnificent views, are cabins for visitors to lounge in along with the states first public campground opened in 1928. Seneca State Forest offers a list of activities for visitors to check out like hiking, swimming, and fishing on the Greenbriar River. Seneca State Forest is a hidden treasure nestled in the hills of West Virginia just waiting to be explored.

  • Seneca State Forest
  • Thorny Mountain Fire Tower
  • View of the lush trees that shade Seneca State Forest
  • Seneca State Forest offers visitors the opportunity to stay in a cabin
  • Seneca State Forest offers a plethora of trails for visitors to tackle

West Virginia’s first state forest, Seneca State Forest is situated in Pocahontas County, WV along the Greenbrier River. The forest was named after the Seneca Trail that passes through Pocahontas County. However, it is notable that the trail bypassed the forest itself. The 12,884 acres of forest offers a plethora of activities for visitors like fishing, hunting, and hiking. A.D. Neill sold 10,847 acres to the West Virginia Game and Fish Commission in January of 1924. By 1938 Seneca State Forest offered access to roads, picnic areas, trails, eight cabins, camp sites, and a lake open to the public.

In addition to the recreational activities, the Civilian Conservation Corps was hard at work establishing the state’s first tree nursery at Seneca State Forest in 1928. The Raine Lumber Company possessed the timber rights of the land and continued logging until 1929. The idea behind the Civilian Conservation Corps was to put the nation’s unemployed workers to work on reforestation in areas that were notorious for logging expeditions. West Virginia flourished with 65 Civilian Conservation Corps camps that the state owes a lot of credit to for not only reforestation, but building fire towers, shelters, trails, telephone lines, etc. The Civilian Conservation Corps was also responsible for much of the recreational development done at Seneca State Forest. 

Seneca State Forest has a fire tower that offers a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. Constructed in 1924, the Thorny Mountain Fire Tower has been remodeled to allow visitors to even book overnight stays. Seneca State Forest also offers eight pioneer cabins that were first built in 1938. In addition to the tower and cabins, the forest has the first ever public campground in West Virginia constructed in 1928.

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