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Little Rock is home to the global company, Heifer International. This company is known for its commitment to giving back to the world and local communities by teaching self-sustainability in regards to agriculture and animals. The headquarters, located in downtown Little Rock. The facility contains interactive exhibits, galleries, and tours of the green energy building and surrounding wetlands. It is open Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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Heifer International traces its roots back to 1939 when Ohio farmer Dan West first started working for a charity giving away milk to children in need. He then realized that they needed a cow, not milk. He came up with the idea to start a charity that gave cows to people in need. With the support of his neighbors and local churches the charity was founded as Heifers for Relief Committee and became an official charity in 1942 after the U.S. Department of Agriculture made it a national charity organization. The company has grown significantly since they donated their first 17 heifers to Puerto Rico in 1944. The company has expanded to chickens, pigs, buffalos, and even bees. They donate to impoverish and war torn regions in order to help them eradicate poverty and become self-sustaining. They donate on the promise that the recipients will pay it forward by donating some of the offspring their donated animals provide. The company purchased a large farm in Perryville, Arkansas in the 1970s and that is where the headquarters remained.

            What makes the headquarters of the company really unique is it’s building. The headquarters was built where an old railroad yard was located. The building was made using only local materials found within 500 miles of Little Rock. The building is predominately glass so that workers can use mostly natural light when working. The building has the highest possible green rating earning the LEED Platinum Certification. There is also a restored wetlands on the property. The company now has offices in over thirty different countries and is continuing to grow and help people all over the world.