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This is the birthplace and childhood home of the 27th President of the United States of America, William Howard Taft. It is located just North of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio in the historic Mt. Auburn district.

  • The William Howard Taft National Historic Site honors the legacy of our 27th president, who lived in this house as a child.
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  • Early Photo of the Taft House

            The Bowen Family built the house itself in the mid-1830s, in the influential neighborhood of Mt Auburn. The house is an architectural dream and well preserved. It is a Greek revival style home that it two stories. The main changes to the house were the removal of the veranda and the adding of a front porch in the early 1900s. This historic area is located north of downtown Cincinnati. The Mt. Auburn area was more or less designated for the upper-class citizens, often called the “Fifth Avenue of Cincinnati.” It was situated a bit above the city to get away from the heat and the dust of the inner city. Taft’s father, Alphonso, bought the house in the early 1850s after a decade of moving to Cincinnati to establish a law practice from Vermont. William Taft was born in the house in 1857 to his father’s second wife, Louise. Taft would spend the next 25 years in the house until he went to Yale for college. William’s father and mother would eventually move to California but upon his father’s death, his mother sold the house to someone outside the family in 1899.

            The house would change hands many times throughout the years, at one point in the 1940s it was being used as apartments. In 1953 when a member of the Taft family, Charles Phelps Taft II, would purchase the house for the William Howard Taft Memorial Association. The house would later be added to the National Register of Historic Places in the 1960s. The house is now part of the National Park Service and is ran and maintained by them. 

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