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This family-operated zoo opened in 2008 and has quickly expanded to include red kangaroos, giraffes, camels, pygmy goats, and the always-popular spider monkeys. The zoo offers personal tour guides that offer information about each of the animals as well as other activities during the summer months.

  • One of the many friendly creatures housed in Brights Zoo.

Opening its gates in 2008, Brights Zoo’s main goal is the education of younger generations on animal welfare and support. Over the years, the zoo has been successfully breeding several animals, including many protected species.  The facility is supported entirely through admissions and donations.

Brights Zoo offers a variety of services for interested guests, including tours, both guided and self-guided, demonstrations on proper animal care, and seminars on conservation and man’s impact on the environment. There are also informational tours explaining how these animals live as well as how to recognize them. Photography is encouraged. Brights Zoo also offers events, such as the Day Camp during the summer, and is open to scheduling field trips. 

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