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Browns Ferry Tavern, A Certified Site on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail (NHT) and National Register of Historic Places, belonged to a man named John Brown. Built in 1803 of logs, the house is two stories in height. John Brown’s father was a white trader and his mother an Indian. In 1839, John Brown was elected “Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation West."1. Browns Ferry Tavern was a part of a grouping of business including the Tavern, the Inn, and the Boat Landing, and additional small structures around the house such as a chicken house, barn, stable, and orchards. Many early travelers visited this important historical residence which was built near an ancient trading path. Although Brown is known to have left during the Indian Removal of Cherokees during the 1830s, It is also said that he return and is buried on site at Browns Ferry. 2

  • Brown's Ferry Tavern. Courtesy of  Trail of Tears National Historic Trail marker seen in photo.
  • Brown's Ferry Marker. "About 3.3 miles north..." Read this marker at this link.
  • Brown's Ferry Tavern. courtesy of
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