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Four Mile’s blacksmith shop is fully functional, and is used at least once a month for 4th Sundays at Four Mile, a monthly Park event. The forge blower is from the 1800s. Four Mile’s trained volunteer blacksmiths create ironworks that can be purchased at the Four Mile gift shop.

  • One of Four Mile's blacksmiths hammers a piece of hot steel
  • One of Four Mile's docents and blacksmiths explains the process to visitors
  • Another Four Mile docent and blacksmith works the forge

Blacksmiths were an integral part of towns and ranches. They were responsible for creating everything from horseshoes to the iron wheels on wagon wheels. They also made hinges and even coffins. They also created pieces for farm equipment like plows, and would sharpen the plows as well. They were especially important to the pioneer travelers, as a blacksmith could make any necessary wagon repairs along the way. 

Steel is heated in the hot coals and hammered on an anvil into different shapes by strong mallets. Once it is the correct shape, the steel is dipped in water, which cools it down.  

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Four Mile Historic Park Collections

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