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The Charles Krug Winery was founded in 1861 by Charles Krug, one of the earliest winemakers in Napa Valley, California. In 1943, the Krug estate was purchased by the family of Peter Mondavi, Sr. The Mondavi Family has continued to own and operate the winery since that time. The Charles Krug Winery is the oldest winery in Napa Valley.

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Founded by Charles Krug in 1861, the Charles Krug Winery officially opened for public tastings as early as 1862. The Charles Krug Winery is not only the oldest winery in Napa Valley, but it also holds the distinction of being the first Napa Valley winery to host a wine tasting open to the public.

The winery's historic Redwood Cellar Tasting Room, which was built in 1872, was fully renovated and reopened to the public in 2013. Upon its reopening, it was renamed the Redwood Cellar Tasting Room and Hospitality Center. Designed by the prestigious architectural firm of Howard Backen, it has also been listed as a designated National Historic Landmark.

Guests on a tour of the Charles Krug Winery can visit the working cellar, as well as the Cucina di Rosa Salumeria, the Outdoor Pizza Kitchen, and the picnic area. The Outdoor Pizza Kitchen offers traditional Italian thin-crust pizzas baked in a wood-fired pizza oven with fresh, natural ingredients that pair with the wine offerings. The Cucina di Rosa Salumeria offers a handcrafted selection of cured meats, cheeses, and mixed plates that are also complemented by wine-pairings for a relaxed and casual experience.

Special events at the winery include occasional Tastings on the Lawn, as well as more elaborate Farm to Table dinners held outdoors with a view of the vineyard. In addition, while most Napa Valley wineries do not permit weddings, the Charles Krug Winery is an exception. It has become known for providing a romantic and historic backdrop for weddings and other private special events held on the property.

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