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This is the newest school in Lincoln County. The building took several years to complete and finally opened in 2012.

  • Harts Creek PK-8 School

The Harts Creek PK-8 School represents the new trend in the Lincoln County School system that is also being mirrored by other schools in the Southern part of the state. The school replaced Harts Elementary and Ferrelsburg Elementary. Due to financial restrictions and sparse population, larger schools that contain an elementary school and a middle school in one building are being constructed instead of individual schools. Six schools in Lincoln County were consolidated to form 3 PK-8 schools in the 2000s. These consolidations were another effect of the 1982 Recht Decision. Due to financial restriction and standardized goals, when a school fell into disrepair and needed rebuilding, the county opted to build larger schools to replace multiple smaller ones.

            The outcry from the community when this happened was quite extensive. Many parents did not want their children to have to be bused farther and lose the smaller class sizes. The protests and complaints did nothing to thwart the school consolidation process. In 1976 Lincoln County had 24 schools; currently it has 8. 

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