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The Kaiser House is a historic hotel built in 1881 by Michael Kaiser, who established the Philipsburg Water Company. One of the oldest brick buildings in the city, it originally had a wraparound porch on the second floor that is now only on the front facade. Other notable features include original second-story French doors, four Norman arched double doors, and decorative brickwork. The hotel is a contributing property of the Philipsburg Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • The Kaiser Hotel has been a fixture on Broadway Street since its construction in 1881.

The Kaiser House was a popular hotel for many years after it opened. It was so well known that it was on par with the best hotels in Helena. The Kaiser had an ornate bar, a restaurant on the first floor, and a billiard and gambling room in the basement. Many patrons enjoyed gambling and John Kaiser (presumably Michael's brother) would sometimes stay awake for several days in a row to deal poker games. Guests also liked the 50-cent steaks the restaurant served. The hotel eventually closed and the building was used for a variety of purposes including as a Redmen's Hall (a fraternal organization) and, in the 1950s, a Veterans of Foreign Wars facility. It was renovated to become a hotel once again and also includes a wine and cheese cellar.

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