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The Niemoth Cabin is located in the front of the Frisco Historic Park along Main Street. Built in 1931, by Emmanuel Bellom for Max and Marie Niemoth, this structure is made of native logs and river rocks from Miner’s Creek. The Niemoths were one of the first families to build a cabin on Bill Thomas' dairy ranch just outside of Frisco. This quaint one-room cabin with a loft was moved to the Frisco Historic Park & Museum in 1995 after being donated by local Bill’s Ranch residents, Bob & Judy Anderson. Note: The audio introduction provided was recorded as an oral history.

  • Exterior of the Niemoth Cabin, situated in the Frisco Historic Park. Circa June, 2020.
  • Niemoth Cabin in its original location in the Bill's Ranch subdivision.
  • Mrs. Ayda Niemoth (on left) and Mrs. Louise Winter (on right) in front of the Niemoth Cabin, circa 1934.
  • The original interior of the Niemoth Cabin as it sat in Bill's Ranch until 1995.
  • Relocation of the Niemoth Cabin in 1996, from Bill's Ranch Neighborhood to the Frisco Historic Park. Moved by Professional Building Movers of Denver.
  • The Niemoth Cabin in transit to the Frisco Historic Park, driving through Frisco.
  • An antique framed photo of Bill Thomas on his horse in front of the Bill's Ranch sign.
  • This cast iron wood burning stove used for cooking is one of two heat sources in the Niemoth Cabin; the fully functional fireplace was restored in the mid-80's once the cabin was moved to the Park.

The Niemoth Cabin was located on Stellar Jay Road in the historic Bill’s Ranch Neighborhood. The cabin was built as a vacation home for Max and Marie Niemoth in 1931, by a young man named Emmanuel Bellom. Bellom used native logs and river rocks from Miner’s Creek to construct the one-room cabin. The Niemoth's resided in York, Nebraska, before moving to Denver. They spent lots of time in the cool, natural cabin to escape the blistering heat and humidity of the city. Max and Marie eventually filed for divorce and Marie retained possession of the cabin, eventually relocating full-time to the mountain community just prior to her death. Marie became affectionately known as Aunt Marie – a lover of wildflowers, hiking and squirrels. She frequently took her “pet” squirrel Elmer, a name she gave all the squirrels frequenting her cabin, on hikes up to Rainbow Lake and Masontown to pick flowers. With its cast iron wood burning stove and fully functional hand crafted fireplace, this cozy one room cabin was perfect for Marie.

Marie passed away in 1991. A year later, the cabin and property was purchased by Judy and Bob Anderson. The cabin was relocated to the Frisco Historic Park & Museum in June 1995 to ensure its ongoing maintenance and preservation. Of all the buildings now standing in the Frisco Historic Park & Museum, the Niemoth Cabin is one of the most coveted. Museum staff often hears comments and exclamations about how much guests would like to live there.

With a lifestyle exhibit, featuring a welcoming home setup, the antique bed, couch, and original kitchen setup, this cabin takes visitors back in time to the 1930’s. Originally restored by the former Frisco Historical Society, construction of the foundation and fireplace was completed in late August, 1995. The relocation and rehabilitation of the Niemoth Cabin was part of Phase 1 of the Frisco Historical Society’s plan to expand the Historic Park. This expansion project cost approximately $15,000, and was well worth it to preserve a piece of underrepresented history.

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Photo Credit: Michaela Douglas, Museum Coordinator (June 2020)

Frisco Historic Park & Museum – Photographic Print (Unknown Donor)

Frisco Historic Park & Museum – Photographic Print (Donated by Elsie Niemoth Hendrickson, 1997))

Frisco Historic Park & Museum – Photographic Print (Unknown Donor)

Frisco Historic Park & Museum – Photographic Print (Unknown Donor)

Frisco Historic Park & Museum – Photographic Print (Donated by Karen Smith, 2019)

Frisco Historic Park & Museum – Photographic Print (Original Collection, 1984)

Frisco Historic Park & Museum – Photographic Print (Donated 1984)