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Doyle Hall serves many purposes for St. Bonaventure University now in 2020 and it has since it was built in 1961. The West side of Doyle is the Residence Hall section of the building with four floors for residents. Doyle is also home to the Center for Student Wellness, Western New York Cybersecurity Center, University Chapel, William C. Foster '62 Memorial Courtyard, Doyle Dining Room, Robert R. Jones Board of Trustees Room, and the Department of History

Doyle Hall is located to on the East side of Falconio Hall which also makes it very close to the Richter and the Reilly Center. Doyle was built as a Friary in 1961.

Doyle is currently holds 138 students and has three floors where residents live. Each floor has one RA and includes two bathrooms/showers. The rooms in Doyle are larger than the rooms that freshmen are exposed to in Robinson, Falconio, and Loughlen which makes some freshmen want to live there as upperclassmen. Doyle doubles are also larger than the doubles in Devereux.

Some of the changes made to Doyle recently aren't reflected on the university archives yet. One is that the Teaching and Learning Center is now the Students Success Center and it located on the first floor of Plassmann. In addition to that, the Records Office and Registrars Office are now located in Hopkins Hall.

Accessed May 12th 2020.

Accessed May 13th 2020.