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The Southern Appalachian Historical Association's Hickory Ridge Living History Museum is home to seven log structures dating from the 1770s to the 1930s. Each cabin is used to portray a particular part of life from the North Carolina Backcountry in the 18th Century. Every Tuesday through Saturday their are tours of these cabins given by Historical Interpreters in period attire.

The Tavern

The Tavern

The Tavern was originally an outbuilding on a farm across from where Tweetsie Railroad is today. It was one of two cabins donated to SAHA in 1967 with its twin being sold to raise money for the organization. The building was placed on the ruins of an old school house hat used to be on site and even used the chimney of the old school house. It originally was called the Weaving Cabin since it housed the Barn Loom that is now in the Coffey Cabin. It was eventually modified into a tavern that for years was named Blackhorse Tavern but in recent years it has went nameless. 

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